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Ingenuity Pathway Analysis (IPA) Seminar

***Follow the instruction in the library catalog: https://lane.stanford.edu/view/bib/234731 to request a login before June 2nd  and bring your laptop if you plan on following along for hands-on training (optional)


10:30-12:00pm Using IPA without any data: Mine IPA’s rich database for novel discoveries

Users will learn how to: 

  • Leverage public data
  • Easily search and open pathway analyses of public data (GEO, SRA, etc.)
  • Study biological mechanisms and discover key regulators/drug targets
  • Identify gene signatures and key regulators common across datasets
  • Edit, expand, modify, and overlay public data on a network for genes, chemicals and diseases of interest
  • Study gene or biomarker expression across different tissues, diseases, cell types and more from public sources;

12-12:15pm  Break

12:15-12:45pm   CLC Genomics Workbench Pizza Lunch & Learn  (Pizza will be provided by Qiagen)

Powerful and scalable NGS data analysis for any species, any platform, any workflow

1-3pm    Using IPA with data:  Perform Pathway Analysis on Omic Data, followed by Q&A

Users will earn how to:

  • Perform pathway analysis on the user’s data
    • Dataset format, upload, and pathway/core analysis
    • Discover key biological mechanisms, regulators and targets
  • Compare user data with public data
    • Analysis Match heatmap
  • Compare different groups (time points, treatments, sc clusters etc.)
    • Activity heatmap for pathways, regulators and biological functions
    • Compare contrast activity of pathways, biological functions and regulators
    • Discover condition-specific biomarkers
  • Generate network using genes, chemicals, and diseases of interest even without dataset
    • Predict activity of custom network using Molecule Activity Predictor
Monday, June 12, 2023
10:30am - 3:00pm
Alway M106
Dr. Araceli Cuellar
Data Science
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